What Is Cycle CVI?

An open source app development interface kit for creating wireless Internet applications on BlackBerry. Cycle CVI lets you take advantage of Java functionality to create mobile Internet apps in a much shorter time.

BlackBerry JDE

Supports the BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE). All Cycle CVI apps can be concurrently test with the BlackBerry JDE, so you will know that your programs will work with the latest version of Java.

Mobile Applications

Cycle CVI allows developers to quickly code, test, and deploy mobile applications for BlackBerry. With the latest version of the device, developing apps on our wireless Internet platform is more popular than ever.

Broadband Speeds

The CVI mod is compatible with all 4G LTE mobile Internet service providers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and others. Some backward compatibility is support for older 3G networks (see user guide for details).

Recently Updated For The BlackBerry 10

3/8/2013 - Cycle CVI 1.201 has been fully updated and tested on the latest version of BlackBerry.
The new BlackBerry 10 will have about 70,000 applications upon launch.
Alec Saunders
BlackBerry Developer Relations
Cycle CVI makes creating new apps for BlackBerry a walk in the park.
Adam Zeis
Senior Editor at CrackBerry
BlackBerry has its own growing library of very useful third-party apps.
Drew Pindle
Reviewer at Digital Trends
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